3D printed wire management

Am i legally allowed to use 3d printed wire management on my robot if i compete in high school vex?


Please consult the robot rules carefully as it clearly states what is permitted with regards to 3D prints for VRC HS and MS.

In particular, look at <R7g>

If it is not specifically allowed in <r7g>, then it is illegal.


Unfortunately, I don’t think so. This question came up a few years ago here, and it was generally agreed upon that 3D printed parts are not considered commercially available, and therefore wouldn’t be included in <R7>.

I would suggest using zip ties instead of 3D printed parts for wire management. Zip ties are super cheap, and super fast to put on the bot. 3D printed parts need to be modeled and printed, which takes a long time. Depending on the design they may take a while to put on/take off. While 3D printed wire management may look nice, its really not practical.


Yeah, I also agree I have experience with that it takes so long to print, and being able to put it onto the robot also takes a lot of time.

3d printed wire management is really useful for a turret design, which is what the OP is doing. There are energy chain design on thingiverse and 3d printing energy chain is much cheaper than buying them online.

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