42700N Summer Reveal

This is our reveal video

please leave feedback and ask questions down below. Thanks for watching!

Looks awesome! Great cycling towers and building stacks! Deploy’s real nice too.

Can it stack on top of other stacks?

PS: RIP flap at 1:45 :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Have you had any issues with your lift catching? That was part of what deterred us from this design.


It can’t. I’ve tried to lift up the lift but at full load the lift swayed and the bot fell over sideways.

rip flap :pensive:

I’ve had problems with my lift catching but I’ve solved it by adjusting the positioning and lengths of screws, so it works pretty good right now. Everything is very snug inside the lift, but it fits.


are all the wheels on the base 3.25 inch omnis? I cant tell what the size of the H wheel is

I’m assuming yall have a 2 motor drive because of the 2m intake. What did you choose to do with the spare motor? Really slick tray btw, I had great difficulty making a good one attached to my lift.

It has 3m H-drive. So:

3 drive
2 lift
2 intake
1 tilter


Yes, there are 5 3.25" omni wheels

Thanks! I’m thinking about making a documentation video detailing how I made the bot.

A bit of a different take:

I watched the East Oahu tournament, and know that the champions were very similar to this robot. What do you think stopped your bot from winning? Anything different in design? Or just strategy?

I like this design but I think it over complicates a simple concept that the goofy bots have done incredibly well. I think this design would only be viable over a goofy bot if it is able to stack on top of stacks.

With that being said, have you even attempted it, and if so how successful was it? Is there any chance of improving that or do you think it’s unreasonable for something of that size based on your experience?

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A little bit of both. 4142B is a better bot who can hold more cubes, but I think I had a fair shot at beating them with my partner. Strategy during the match was the main issue. I told 4109 to force defense on 4142B, which was a horrible call. 4142A was able to easily overtake us on towers. As well, I decided to abandon my stack instead of scoring it in the square scoring zone, wasting time and ultimately dooming the match.

4142 practice more often and for longer. Their strategies were more refined compared to ours.


I’ve attempted stacking atop another stack. With my tray mount and lift design my bot toppled over sideways due to bracing deficiencies. I could definitely see a team with a more refined lift tray such as 4142B stack cubes atop cubes. I don’t think we’re at the point where that matters, though. It takes about the entire match to fill the scoring zones, and I think that tilting more cubes is a better alternative to stacking atop stacks


Ah yes, A competitor approaches…

Nice job guys! Really loving the “schlong” concept!

I’m just considering that as a way to make tower only bots obsolete. But you’re right, tray bots have gotten so efficient at stacking that there is no real need for tower focused bots or stacking on top of stack bots.

Credit to 4142B, who debuted at the Mark Leon Invitstional. I decided to do a lift tray after seeing them compete.


At least in Hawaii tower focused bots are neccessary and useful. It can lead to better stackers losing because they struggle to get their stacks multiplied


What was the C-channel with the gear on the back meant for?

That was a linear slide. It was meant to stop the robot from tipping should it become unstable. The gear gives the end extra grip


At your recent tournament, did you notice that your base ever got overpowered by defense?


Yes, we would get pushed around. I dont think the 2m drive made a difference, aside from acceleration with lots of cubes.