42904G Worlds Reveal - VEX Turning Point 2019

Enjoy and see you at worlds.


Nice robot! The ram is pretty cool. Good luck at Worlds!

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Moved to Robot Showcase.

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would you be able to use this design in 2020s competition with a few improvements

Please no necroposting.

And probably not.


Mate, this thread is 10 months old. Most people consider it to be good etiquette not to reply to threads more than 4 months old. To answer your question, this robot is an angled puncher with some other great features. However, it would be extremely hard to make an angled puncher viable in this season. There is no flags to shoot, no platform to push opponents off of. Could you use this design? Theoretically you could use it. In all likelihood, you would not win a competition or do well. This season’s game is based around stacking, last season’s game was centered around shooting. You can read other threads to see design suggestions for this season. @DRow, please lock this thread.