4478X ITZ Recap Video

Thank you for great season Vex. 4478X will be back next year for Turning Point. I am very grateful for my time on 4478X and our team has made a video to recap our In The Zone season. This year was the first time 4478 has made eliminations at worlds since Sack Attack and I am very proud to have accomplished this with my teammates for my final year. High school teams 4478X made it to Semifinals and 4478V made it to Round of 16. Our middle school team, 8878D also made it to Round of 16 this year. Our team had 10 people, 5 of which are graduating. One will be going to Harvard, one to UConn, two will go to Keene State, and I will be attending Virginia Tech. While I am sad to leave, I look forwards to seeing what my former teammates bring in the future and wish them good luck. Good luck to everyone in the future season and here is the link to our video:

-Ryan “Randor” Nicholas

We’ll miss you randor. Thanks for all you have done for Masuk Robotics and X for your years in the program! You are a very important part of X that we will miss next year

I had a great time competing alongside you 33% of the time. And a good time watching your bot the other 66%.

Good meme