448X, 21S, 6671X, and 1437Z RI3D Reveal

We <3 you karthik !!!


Thank you Karthik. We really appreciate your response!


Really great job… and very good quality of built, especially considering that it was only over 3 days.

And the main point… you guys did your reveal even before us!! :stuck_out_tongue:

As usual, we will only release our designs after singvex… we should have a Ri1D version for this game.


Cool! I think that this will be a strong contender at many early season competitions!


Considering the colors, great name.

just curious; why are the gears different sizes on the lift that the intake rollers are on?

One gear (the larger one) is driven by the motor, the other is there to hold the arm.

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ok…thanks. that makes sense

sorry for the delayed response-where would you have put the bands?

For your deploy do you have a locking mechanism or is it just purely banded?

The deploy for the roller flip-out is tensioned with rubber bands but does also have a locking mechanism that locks the rollers so that they stay parallel to the arms. It’s using a standoff that is tensioned such that it locks into a pocket once the rollers flip out, and it will be shown further in the documentary that’s coming out soon. The cube tray flip-out is using purely rubber bands, so when the tray extension flips out, the only thing holding it in place is the rubber bands, which is fine since there is no force pushing it the other way.


Josh answered the question really well, but we also wanted to save a bit of space with a smaller gear on the other side. It didn’t end up mattering though :slight_smile:

And no worries. A lot of teams experimented with bands in SS, and there were 3 common ways to do it. You can have a pop up piece with bands on it, a 4 bar below the arm with bands, or an arm with rollers. Here are examples of each.

Hope this helps!

And to @Karthik, @Meng, and everyone else who has left similar comments, thank you so much for the love! The amount of positivity we’ve received from this project has honestly been unreal. Thank you!!


All of our differences aside, this is a really good robot. I’m currently working on an exact holecount unique design of my own.


op good job to everyone that worked on this


Really nice RI3d. It looks like it will work very well. Thanks for sharing it.


Was there a specific way that you rubber banded the tray to make it flip out from fully parallel. I have been trying to build something similar but so far it only pulls if it is already partially up.

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I think the best way is honestly just to try different amounts of rubber bands and see where the equilibrium point is . We didn’t band it in any special way, just straight banding.

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are you guys planning to use a variation of this robot with some of the mechanisms you described but had not yet implemented, or are you planning on using something different for competitions?

and sorry for all the questions lol…what does the tray that holds the cubes rotate on? It looks like two standoffs are connecting to something that is rotating, but what did you use to allow for that?

The RECF in their infinite wisdom banned 448X and the rest of us have graduated, so we’re not planning to compete at all with this. It was more to use the parts we already had and to hang out and have fun than to make a competition ready robot.

No worries! The unfolding part of the tray is mounted on screw joints inside flat metal, which itself is mounted on the static part of the tray. We’ll clear this up in the documentary because the geometry can be a bit confusing.