5.5W Motors Popularity?

Do you think people are really going to use 5.5W motors over the standard 11W motors? What ways are they going to use them in? And what do you think is the best combination?

I think 5.5 versatility helps a lot of teams, more so when pneumatics is not an option. (cue my MS club collective tears…)


I think this will depend largely on game. I could imagine last year’s game using these en masse for a reel system for the strings. I am not so sure about this year, but only time will tell.

There is already a thread discussing similar things, you can probably find some answers to your questions here

If you have any more questions it would be good to ask them in the thread mentioned above to keep the forum tidy.


My team may use them until our rev10 motors get replaced, as I have an EXP kit I could pull them from

I think the same way too. Plus it might when making smaller and compact systems that don’t require so much torque or watts.


I think it will be much easier using mechanisms that need the power of one motor but are split in two. For example, in tower takeover there was tray stacker bots that had two rollers on each side. Instead of using 2 full power motors or using a weird connecting mechanism, you could just use 2 half power motors.

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I’m using 5.5w motors for my claw, its wrist, and my catapult, since i used 66w of the allowed 88w for my drivetrain, and I’m dedicating the pneumatics to my catapult.