5776 Mid-Season Compilation 2014-15

Hi guys!

It’s been a great year, so we decided to make a compilation of our season so far. Enjoy, and look forward to our robot reveals as well as our compilation of our time at VEX World Championships in Louisville, Kentucky!


I liked the cameo from “Best Autonomous Ever” :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice season, we were thinking about doing something like this next year.

The last part must’ve made some damage. :confused: Your season looks really fun. :slight_smile:

Strangely the only damage done to the robot was a minor bend to a c-channel on the lift.

The scary part was that the skyrise intake almost crushed our second driver’s foot. Luckily he dodged it in time!

The skyrise section at 4:20…

I was very impressed with both of the robots you brought to states. I remembber watching in awe at one of your skills runs wondering how such a hefty robot could move so fast…

In the beginning of the season, everyone was worried about tipping, but that fear was dissipated in mid season. This video reignites that fear :wink:

Nice robots though!

Thanks so much! Your robot was amazing too–that semis match against your robot was so suspenseful and terrifying, and the score was so close too. Ugh you kept descoring our cubes :frowning:

Haha, I’m surprised anyone noticed it landed upside-down :open_mouth:

Wow. I just noticed, in both the compilation video and the finals video the tip is at 4:20. Is it a sign?

Nice! I enjoyed competing with you guys during the season! Good luck at Worlds!