6 wheel vs 4 wheel drivetrain?

Is a 6 wheel drive better than a 4 wheel drive? I’ve seen many pro teams using 6 wheel drives but where is it better than a 4 wheel drive? Speed? Turning? Stability?

6 wheel drive allows for a middle traction wheel meaning it’s much harder to be push from the side.

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ok being serious now
6 wheel drives allow for better traction (and more power if using 6 motors) but need much more space.
4 wheel drives, on the other hand, are simple and easy to build, but they sacrifice either traction or a centered turning point.


Locked omnis aren’t the only option, there are new traction wheels that work better than the old one. In addition you can make custom traction wheels using flex wheels


For our team, we used 6 wheels but only 4 are powered because our robot is super big and bulky that it needs to have a wheel that supports all the front weight. That might not be necessary for smaller robots. We have all omni wheels and the back 4 wheels are powered.

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I would recommend 6 wheel drive, all connected with gears, with blue motors geared down 5:3 at around 360rpm. This gives you the best balance between speed and pushing power, so you can have a bot that can outrun defense heavy strats or a bot that can push bots even with traction wheels far enough so they miss shots / get off rollers.

Make sure you have omni wheels in the front and back and a traction wheel / flex wheel in the middle to make you harder to push as well. This traction wheel shouldn’t affect your turning if it’s in the center.

As for the motor layout, you can layout all 3 evenly on the c-channel, stack 2 and one next to it, or all 3 stacked together.

In the end, it’s your call. I would say 6m drive would set you up well for a versatile bot bc the two shooting metas (flywheel and cata) can be made with one motor + pneumatics (not necessary, but helpful) and the intake and roller can be connected by chain.

Let me know if that helped.

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The 360 rpm gear ratio is risky to run for 4m drives. We did that on our last robot and our drive motors kept overheating. 4 motors also couldn’t accelerate the robot as fast as 6 motors making it feel slower to drive even tho we were using the same rpm and wheel diameter.

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Should I add traction wheels to the middle for 6 wheel drive without gearing all the wheels together? I don’t have much time till a competition, but I do feel that the tank needs to be less pushable from the side.

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use pneumatics powered drive


I think it’s better to not have any free spinning wheels, just try to find a gear ratio that works. If you attach a picture it might be easier.

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