62 Midseason reveal *with slight catch*

Hey guys!
Im working on a school project that means a lot to me, and I need honest, thoughtful, feedback on it from a group of people that I respect. I figured that because you guys are doing this for me, I should do something for you, so I will reveal my current robot (States v3) after getting a couple quality responses.
Spend as much time on it as you feel fitting, I really appreciate your time.
(P.S) I will share close up pictures of the robot to the top teams that put their #'s in on the last question and look like they spent the most time filling the form out and/or having the most amount of team members fill it out.
Once again thank you so much. I look forward to sharing my robot with you!

Here is the link to the form: Student Backpack form

Quick specs on robot:
8 star intake/lift
1.9 cube intake < I mean it “can” do it
High hang
72 unofficial drive skills
0 official programming skills < jon doesn’t like doing it for some reason


You do realize that the sampling of people on the VEX Forum is going to be different than the general population? I would expect the wants of this forum to be more utilitarian. Just bear that in mind.

That won’t matter if people similar to us are his target audience

Edit: responded

This looks like an EDD project survey or something similar :slight_smile:

I’ll certainly help you out with that

Which is why I said, “Just bear that in mind,” not, “Throw out the results!” I agree with you, though.

Maybe he’s building a backpack to carry robots.

I responded :slight_smile: Hope this project goes well!

Responded. Is this for an EDD project for PLTW? Just curious.


I’m happy to respond.
That robot sounds amazing.
Great luck with that project.


Reveal ends up being OP Stat PushBot

Responded. Sounds cool.

Responded, good luck with your project, and good luck at your competitions!

Responded. The design of the backpack has not changed for decades. Its time for something new.

I responded and on Monday I will get the rest of my teammates to take the survey. I just really love leaks.

Responded. Perhaps I’ll finally get what I’m looking for.


@jonathandamico make programming skills dude.

this is a gud idea

+1 to that
Team 62 would still need 30 points to get a skills record, but since they got 72 in driving, I don’t really see that being a problem.
I’m really curious to see what you used to get 72 points.