62 Midseason reveal *with slight catch*

Think it will take more than just a booster to push the game elements to the far zone. For 72 pts, it will definitely need to hang as well.

Or it turns out that they did the 2 motor robot challenge :stuck_out_tongue:


i responded a a couple time


Thank you guys all so much for your help! As I am writing this, we have received over 550+ truly meaningful responses. I want to let you guys know that you are an amazing community and I feel so happy to be a part of it. I don’t think it would be possible for me to have gotten this many responses form any other group. Finally, here is the reveal of the robot I promised; its not a full perfect reveal video with lights and stuff, just some short clips to show its potential and performance.

Typical cycle of 6 stars, more than this requires strategic placement in the intake that requires precious time, however, the intake and lift are totally capable of 8. By far the strongest aspect of this intake is the ability to pick up 3 stars and a cube. This has really allowed us easily overwhelm robots that can only throw stars or a cube. At the time of this video, the pneumatic latch that locks the arm down and the hanging gook were not yet mounted, but I didn’t feel like I needed to re take pictures of it, because they are so simple. If people are really struggling on it, maybe later I can take more pictures. (it hangs like every other claw bot)

Gear ratios:
1:1 hs 4" wheel 4 motor drive
1:5 hs 6 motor lift
2 piston pneumatic intake (active in, passive out)

Interesting things about this robot:
Drop center drive for super fast turning.
Not a single bearing flat on the entire robot.

The below teams can PM me for close ups on the intake, lift, lock, drive, ect. and I will send them your way tomorrow. Feel free to keep the pictures to yourself or share them, I don’t mind.
Colin <3

Feel free to ask questions and I will try to get to all of them!


TFW Cam doesn’t love u enough to send pics of his robot ;(

I even put 523H and nothing :stuck_out_tongue:

Will you post a reveal of your backpack?

How many times can you activate your claws? We had pneumatic claws on our previous bot but we only got about 14~18 cycles of use out of 2 air tanks, 1 for each piston.

When having 4 people on your team is a disadvantage.

That thing looks like it weighs like 5lbs.

I’d say the stars it intakes weighs more than it :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a lot like 2114X except less bulky.

Looks light enough to break out those sweet 5" wheels.

Really no Tipping issues? Thats very impressive

How did you do that without bearing flats?



If you think about it, the point where most bots tip is when the robot switches direction with its arm up. But in this case, the rear wheels are not powered (by the looks of it) so when the cog is directly over the rear wheel, the robot will lose its traction on the middle wheels so it loses the force reversing the direction so it doesn’t tip. Also, the claw is very light and the release is very quick so there’s less momentum.