7405N.com: AI Powered Scouting

Hey Guys,

This is Nirvan from 7405N, and today im bringing you a project that 7405N has been working on for the past ~5 months. This project came to be after I had multiple issues with losing my scouting paper and teams just picking based on vex rankings, even though they were a blatant incorrect measure of talent.

Our website is aimed to amend the problems we faced in our own scouting experiences. One of them was the difficulty of writing observations about other teams on a paper, as handwriting would quickly get rushed and messy, and organization was very cumbersome and difficult. Our website contains a page called “Add Team” (currently only accessible to people who have contacted us via the email at the bottom of the site for permissions to directly edit our database) which organizes all the important information to look for during scouting runs into a form that can be filled out during an interview, submitted, and be looked back at again in a list of all recorded teams in a separate page, “Team Breakdown”. All of the information for each individual team can be looked up with a simple search, organized in exactly the format you inputted it in. Another problem we encountered was how long it took to scout every single team in the competition. It was a necessary task as unless we watched every single match there was no way to tell if we were potentially overlooking good teams. This has been amended through “Team Rankings”, a page which employs a handmade machine learning algorithm trained on VexDB data (such as OPR, DPR, CCWM, and TRSP) to predict a team’s competency. The perks of the way our algorithm is set up is that VexDB data is updated live throughout tournaments, providing real-time representation of a tournament’s playing field. In this way, you are able to go down the list in order of ability, ensuring that you are scouting only the people worth your time. For every one of the many competitions we have been to, our algorithm has proved superior to VexDB’s own algorithm for rankings by placing push bots who lucked their way to Elimination Rounds lower than legitimately talented teams who suffered streams of bad luck. For these reasons, we have utmost confidence in our website to become a staple of VEX scouting in the future.

Of course, if you guys have any questions at all, or need clarification on how to use it, feel free to reach out. (my discord is nirvan#0001, if that works better)
All the best,

Nirvan from 7405N

[link redacted]

to access the scouting part, just hit scouting in the top right!


This is really useful!
one question though, when I try to sort the teams based on anything other than the default, the team list changes to the default event. how do I make it stay on the event I want?

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I really like the team breakdown feature. Obviously it’s gonna be impossible to log every team registered in vex and do so accurately because teams are constantly changing their robots, but this could be huge for your specific region because that will be much more manageable.

One thing I noticed was that a lot of the terms used to describe the robots were non descript. For instance, what is a “2 bar” strategy. And I get that it makes sense for people familiar with the terminology but it isn’t as accessible for anyone outside your own team. Perhaps adding a small glossary somewhere to describe each characteristic will make this more accessible.

Either way, nice job!


thanks so much, i really like the glossary idea. will talk to team about adding!

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lmaoo ik i found this bug right after posting, its getting fixed rn

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if I could make a suggestion, add a place where you can add notes on teams at your event. maybe a box next to each team where you just type whatever, or maybe a place where you enter some stats you gather, like number of cubes you can stack or cubes scored in autonomous.

What if you could tag match footage by team name, and it would be linked to those team’s breakdowns?

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This is really cool! In doing a similar thing in Python. I use the scores of a match to create a single score of a team. One of my future tasks is implementing a ML algorithm to predict match results

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yup, we do have that feature, u just need to sign in with your google account in the top right. however this only allows you to add notes privately ( Only viewable to you)

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nice! let us know if u need help or have questions!

tbh it would be very hard to input match videos by hand for every single team. we’ve thought of a way to automate it, but there’s no good way we could find that would also be efficient.

I am getting a “This site can’t be reached. Connection refused” Error.

I was getting this earlier but it is working for me now

lol my school has this blocked and this is what came up


sorry about that, I blurred the image

it happens on our wifi too, we dont know why tho…

It says “Please Enter a Valid Team Name!”

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which function were you trying to use? if its a team not in NJ, we havent really scouted them yet, just because we havent seen them in person yet.

Ah, I see what you mean.

Why are there no teams from robot rev?