7870Y New Reveal!

Our take on the flywheel on a stick.


Very intresting!
How did you manage to launch the triballs over the bar like that?

The flywheel at the end of the arm spins at 1000 rpm. It has enough force and speed to allow for rapid fire match loading by directly placing the triball onto the flywheel.


im pretty sure that that is actually 1400 rpm just for the sake of precsion. My team is currently at 3000 on the flywheel but i think im gonna tone it down to smthn like 2400. Love the bot tho were doing smthn similar

Btw this is my gear ratio speadsheet ignore the direct drive sheets on it that was from back when that was still legal.


Heyo, awesome bot just had some questions about it.
How do you keep the arm in the upright position? Just using hold on the motors or is there a ratchet?
And for the hang, is there a ratchet involved for that? Cannot tell from the video.

- Henry 344E

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Motors are set to hold for the arm and we’re currently building a piston activated ratchet for the elevation


what tier is the hang

Elevation lifts to B tier

Thanks. I’m doing something similar but powered by a 5.5 motor and a bunch of rubber bands going down

I love the design! Ours is running at 80 rpm with a slip gear so this will really help with inspiration
for our winter rebuild.

just a quick question how can you get off? and how fast can you get them off?

this year endgame can be kinda tricky to get off of the bar but the rulebook makes it clear that that it is ok to latch onto the bar. In our case we have to manually disengage the ratchet to get it off or activate the piston and let the bot fall(not ideal).

I was looking at your video and noticed in the part when you were launching tribals you drop or bounce them off the flywheel, and according to SG6 in the game manual "Match Load Triballs may be introduced by a Drive Team Member in one of two ways:

  1. By placing the Match Load gently onto a Match Load Zone. This may be done at any time
    during the Driver Controlled Period, provided that no other rules are Violated.
    a. “Throwing,” “rolling,” or otherwise imparting enough energy onto a Triball such that it bounces out of the Match Load Zone is not permitted. "

notice that in the manual it specifically states that you are to gently set the tribal onto you robot and not imparting with enough energy to bounce. not trying to nitpick to closely here but that could be a violation if someone points that out in a match to the judge and could end up with a disqualification.


Thanks for the concern! This q and a provides some wiggle room for odd match loading like ours.

Based on this qna which is a more recent resource and therefore takes precedent that would be a legal match loading technique. This seems to make it so that match loading rules are much less strict and give us more freedom as long as we are being safe and not moving the robot or triballs with our hands.


there still wouldn’t be an issue, unless the Judge tells the Head Referee :slight_smile:
because Judges are not the officials making the call, they are are reviewing notebooks and interviewing teams for the Judged awards.


@6Star Have y’all updated it recently?