8 motor lift + 8 motor drive worth the motor pairing?

So I had an idea last night to, instead of pair the mg lift and the drive, pair the main lift and the drive. With this, you could have an 8 motor drive AND an 8 motor lift and still have 4 motors for everything else. My team, however, is convinced that it’s stupid because you couldn’t run the lift and drive at the same time. I’m curious to see what people think.

I think this is a cool concept, but what is the need for an 8 motor lift? Maybe you could just pair some of the motors, not all of them. Also I think you might be able to do both at once, just have one of the paired motors move slower than the rest to do the lift while the drive is still running

There isn’t a need. But I can, so…

That would be really annoying, not being able to use your drive and lift at the same time.

But the extra speed should be able to counteract.

What if you can do the lift and the drive at the same time though?

Then it would definitely be worth it. I 'll have to take a look at it, I think Antichambers was able to do it.


Those ideas that you have are too OP to discuss on open forums. :slight_smile:

Are you on Discord? If yes look for people in the know about TSqStrat (aka Tiananmen Square strategies).

You will like what you learn from them…

I’m not on discord.

Everyone is on discord

What’s discord?

I am not on the Discord as well, are the TSqStrats a VEX strategy?

Here - It’s a chat for gamers

No, the TSqStrats is Discird server discussing vex. I don’t know why it’s called that though. (or maybe I don’t know the meaning)

Well I do all my VEX stuff on my school Chromebook, and Discord is blocked so… oh well. I guess the forum is good enough for me

All your VEX stuff? Including programming?

I’m a forum main. I don’t like discord.

I’m not on discord, and all I’m getting from googling Tiananmen Square strategies is something about some revolt in the 1980s in China. Any other suggestions?

I’m not the programmer …so yes. Well other than Inventor actually

Well, I am not at liberty to talk about TSqStrats here. However, I could give you a couple of examples that are already public or somewhat public.

A great example of TSqStrat would be a variation of a cagebot discussed on the forums recently. If you had followed the progress of APAC competition in NZ last few days you would hear a lot about 2900G robot that took that strategy to a whole new level.

Similarly, 8000 teams had come up with the strategy that takes control of a certain important square on the field.

In general, TSqStrat is a loose set of perfectly legal but very disruptive strategies and designs, that are aimed to give competitive advantage to the teams who do not want to cheat.

Your teammates are, probably, right about shortcomings of pairing all 8 motors between lift and drivetrain which wouldn’t be easy to do. But, as you have suggested in the other thread, choosing more balanced pairing could give you an equivalent power of 16-18 or even 20 motors if measured in {power*degree-of-freedom} imaginary units, without resorting to cheating like PTC modding.