8 motor lift + 8 motor drive worth the motor pairing?

No, the TSqStrats is Discird server discussing vex. I don’t know why it’s called that though. (or maybe I don’t know the meaning)

Well I do all my VEX stuff on my school Chromebook, and Discord is blocked so… oh well. I guess the forum is good enough for me

All your VEX stuff? Including programming?

I’m a forum main. I don’t like discord.

I’m not on discord, and all I’m getting from googling Tiananmen Square strategies is something about some revolt in the 1980s in China. Any other suggestions?

I’m not the programmer …so yes. Well other than Inventor actually

Well, I am not at liberty to talk about TSqStrats here. However, I could give you a couple of examples that are already public or somewhat public.

A great example of TSqStrat would be a variation of a cagebot discussed on the forums recently. If you had followed the progress of APAC competition in NZ last few days you would hear a lot about 2900G robot that took that strategy to a whole new level.

Similarly, 8000 teams had come up with the strategy that takes control of a certain important square on the field.

In general, TSqStrat is a loose set of perfectly legal but very disruptive strategies and designs, that are aimed to give competitive advantage to the teams who do not want to cheat.

Your teammates are, probably, right about shortcomings of pairing all 8 motors between lift and drivetrain which wouldn’t be easy to do. But, as you have suggested in the other thread, choosing more balanced pairing could give you an equivalent power of 16-18 or even 20 motors if measured in {power*degree-of-freedom} imaginary units, without resorting to cheating like PTC modding.

“Similarly, 8000 teams had come up with the strategy that takes control of a certain important square on the field.”


Looks like they are doing it without you? :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s where many of the veterans have “retreated” to or hidding in… :stuck_out_tongue:


Figured out a way to fix that. You dedicate a couple of motors to strafing and then just strafe while you’re picking up cones.

Is it honestly worth it though? There are hundreds of robots that have amazing 2 and 4 motor lifts, with 6 and 4 motor drives respectively.

That is definitely true. But if you can go at x speed with a 4 mtr lift, then you can go at 2x speed with an 8 motor lift.

Besides, it fixes the obnoxious “do I dedicate motors to my lift for tourneys or motors to my drive for skills” problem.

While that makes sense in theory, you will reach a point where the lift is to fast to be controllable. Antichamber already achieved that point using only 2 motors. So I would have to say 8 is complete overkill.

I’m going to do it automated.


There are multiple ways to achieve that flexibility without tying all 8 motors into the same harness, figuratively speaking. In fact, from the game strategy view point you want to keep your choices open and be able to do multiple functions. Also, there are more than one way to share the motors, and I know of at least three working methods that have been revealed on the forums at various times.

Lets take a look at the motor distribution of many Rolling Robots that recently became public:

2 motor MoGo lift,
4 motor HS drive
6 motor Cone lifting (4m DR4B + 2m 4B + passive intake)

This configuration is proven to be successful on the field. It has balanced use of PTC resource, relatively low complexity, naturally linear lift, hardware limits for cone alignment, and a few other nice properties …

Does it have limitations?

Yes. Fully passive claw is one of them, somewhat limited drive speed and power is another. Competently driven defense bot could limit their scoring ability greatly and they don’t have spare motors to counteract such defense.

One of the teams I mentioned earlier is working on a very clever design that would address those shortcomings and direct the motor power to various functions, both offensive and defensive, depending on the situation. If their design didn’t share motors they would need 20 separate motors to get all functions adequately powered. Currently the main obstacle is that it would require 12 motor ports on the Cortex. However, we are working on the mechanical and software workarounds and it seems to be perfectly doable. I wish I could share more details, but I can’t at this point. If this robot could be built and programmed to perform reliably on the field I bet you will like the reveal closer to the end of the season.

I am not advocating to anyone joining Discord. Half of the content on the main VEX channel is filled with juvenile jokes, most of which somehow gravitate to misspelling the end of the word “Karthik”. You will be wasting a lot of your time sifting through it trying to find bits and pieces of really valuable information hidden in between. However, there are other channels that have much higher signal to noise ratio and maintain mostly professional level of discussion. You would have to get verified and receive a special invite to see those channels.

I am planning on a passive claw. Also, pairing the drive and lift fixes the drive speed problem and increases the efficiency of my lift. Most people use at least 8 motors between their lift and drive anyways, so I’m not losing anything there, either.

I know this is kinda off topic, but can someone send me the discord link for vex?