8059A and D : SingVex (Reveal)

Has 8059a considered using a motor to tilt the catapult in order to achieve variable shooting? Seems like that’s the one thing flywheels have over a double catapult.

We considered that. But don’t think it is practical. I mean, the time used to change the height, you might as well just drive to the correct position. Moreover, using variable heights also means the robot will be exposed to being pushed away even more often.

do you guys plan on experimenting with flywheelss.

We do… especially since we still have quite a fair bit of knowledge and experience with flywheels from nbn :stuck_out_tongue:

But off hand, based on what we had tried in nbn, I wouldn’t be surprised that multiple-ball catapult will still win flywheels. But still, it might be different if we are using v5 motors. So I Guess it is still worth experimenting.

Thanks for the awesome review. 59A’s 2 ball catapult has excellent burst potential to swing matches, amazing design!

Thank you so much.
Hope it helps to change the perceptions of catapult.

in regards to 8059A how did u manage to get the two balls in your launcher to always land in the same spot and also how do you get your balls into the catapult

8059A used a 1-motor roller intake to move the balls from the floor all the way up to the catapult. You can see the 3 tiers of rubber band roller at the front of the robot.

As for landing at the same spots… Guess it is normally not an issue if the balls are always loaded at the same place and the tension of the catapult is the same.

@meng could you maybe make a up close video of the robot loading 2 balls into the catapult. I didnt see a good view of it during the video.

Do let me check with my students…

Meanwhile… if you look at the reveal video between the 8 to 10 sec mark, you will notice a yellow anti-slip mat. It is used to line the plate (as a backing) for the balls to roll up and drop into the catapult.

Edit: and if you look at the 22 to 24 sec marking, you should be able to see the balls rolling up the yellow anti-slip mat and dropping into the catapult.

8059 does it again! Really spectacular robots, I love the 2 ball catapult!

Any plans to using v5 visions sensors for aiming once they’re released?

Good luck, I hope to see y’all at worlds!


Definitely we will be trying out the vision sensor.
But think there are 2 things that will need to be ironed out 1st - the response time of the vision sensor and also the issue of false triggering.

Think false triggering can be easily settled with programming, but the response time will make a difference to whether is it viable to use it for aiming, eg. if the response time is so slow that the driver can do the manual aiming faster, then it defeats the purpose of using it.

But i think vision sensor will still be useful for programming skills.
Just that, as it stands, skills challenge is now quite meaningless for most of the non-US teams.
Ok… we still need it for excellence award… but it is definitely of much lesser importance to non-US teams now.

Lol… yes… we will need it.
Currently none of the teams are qualified for worlds yet (since singvex was unofficial and no teams are registered yet).

This is really amazing! How does the ratchet system work?

Love the two ball launcher. How does the ratchet system release, is there a motor or servo that releases the pawl? can we get a close up of the ratchet system?

It’s a slip gear. Essentially you drive a gear with teeth cut off such that when the driven subsystem’s gear reaches the point without teeth it releases and can move in the opposite direction for a period of time. I believe their reveal has a close up.

TL;DR It’s not a ratchet and pawl system, google “vex slip gear”

Hi @Videogamer2002 and @leroyroberts , it is just a simple slip gear setup.

And @M8R is right… you can see the close up in the video. Around 32sec to 37sec.

Do you use a ratchet in your catapult? I can’t quite tell from the video.

There’s a rubber banded half cut that forces the 36T gear to only spin one way. That’s really all I can make out front stopping the video at many points.

No… we didn’t use the ratchet.
Just a slip gear system.