9551A Transmission Update

I finally got the time needed to animate my transmission! In the current configuration, the drive wheels are powered by 6 turbo motors at an external 1:1 ratio, where the strafe wheel is at a 1:1 with 4 motors. (Leaving 2 dedicated drive motors) Obviously, the strafe part was just thrown on. (I have more plans) Most everything else in finalized however, and likely will be as it appears on our bot. Enjoy:

What do you guys think?


cool beans


It doesn’t feel like there’s much friction if the differentials are build correctly. (According to prototypes)

That’s an incredibly cool design! Are you worried about the weight at all? Our first robot (Fade2Black 1) had a transmission to hang and even tho it worked we scrapped the robot cause it was way too heavy.

I am a bit worried about the weight, yes. But, because this is the whole mechanism, weight reductions elsewhere can make up the loss.

Very cool! I see what you mean.

Here is link to a overcomplicated system that I made before and I’ll be honest, it’s really not worth your while. Aside from being cool and all, the weight and friction it adds honestly makes it easier just to back out, turn and drive in again. But if you want to do it, I would strongly suggest using two wheels in the middle so you have enough traction. Just my 2c

Keep it as a demo bot. It will not be worthwhile in a competition robot.


Fantastic job!

This lends to far more than just strafing, but I’ll reveal my ultimate intentions later.

Also, you used planetary transmissions, which, usually in VEX, create an inherent torque loss. Not saying you’re wrong, (I’ll be taking every measure to reduce friction) just perhaps misinformed.

Well, it’s on our bot now and works like a charm. We still have to swap motors out for the turbo configuration, but when on speed nothing catches and friction is easily manageable.

Not yet. The bot is unfinished, so there are a bigger problems at hand. I’ll see if I can grab one tomorrow. If not then, by the 25th or so, I’ll have the reveal V2 video up!