974X Cyber Brains Mid-season Full Reveal

Here is our mid-season robot reveal for Nothing but Net. Hope you like it!

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Let me know if you have any questions. I will do my best to answer them.


what wheels do you use on your launcher

Your launching is pretty good. And that lift is new… =o

Amazing robot! What fantastic fire rate and accuracy! If you dont mind me asking, what is your gear ratio and do you use PID or any other velocity control?

Amazing guys! Gotta say, think the lifting was my favorite part! Maybe we can team up again at worlds this year and make it farther ;).

Yea I gotta say I love how creative that lift system is with the unfolding chassis nice job!

That’s one of the coolest looking lifts I’ve seen this season! Is it compatible with all robots?

(2) 4 inch High tractions and (2) 2.75 high tractions for weight on each side.

We have tried both PID and TBH velocity controllers which have seemed to work great. However, we’ve found that the bang bang controller recovers fastest of the controllers we have tried, yet has a lot lower accuracy. So, we made our own specialized modification of this controller to preserve the recovery time while still having good accuracy. Although we are not ready to disclose major details of how we achieved our firing success until our final reveal, we will say that our fire rate is not only due to our code.

Sorry, we never did get any good views of the front of the robot. Here.


As of now, if you can drive over a c- channel and you are around 18 lbs. or less, we can lift you. Of course, as the game goes on, we are still working on making our robot compatible with as many robots as possible. We will post our final design in our worlds reveal. We cannot guarantee compatibility with “all” robots.

The flywheel is fast and accurate, it has a fast high lift that works with lighter robots, and it has automatic scoring placement! That’s an all around awesome robot you have there. :smiley:
You had little snippets of matches in the reveal video, can you release the entire match video in which you lift? I don’t know why, but the little arm that pushes the balls into the launcher is really cute to me.

How did you manage 45pt autonomous? Do you have a video, if it is not a secret?

Correct me if I am wrong but, at least for me, this is the first reveal of the robot that that is fast enough to do all the tasks in the game AND perform a lifting without much of the assumptions about the other robot’s chassis. Congratulations on achieving such tight integration!

However, I wouldn’t want to be in 974H’s place :slight_smile: - could you flip something from the back as the counterweight?

Well I can’t wait til the end of the season to see that code :wink:

Awesome robot! Nice work 974x. :slight_smile:


What sensor are you using for the automatic placement, I would assume gyro? I don’t believe there is any other sensor capable but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

The system does rock a little bit when lifting 15 -18pounds, but we have a lot of structure in place to keep robots from falling off the side ((2) 5x c-channels and (3) 2x c-channels). We are not worried about robots falling off the front.

It also uses 6 line followers and an encoder depending on where we are lining up to. We have the option of shooting from any 8 of our pre-designated check points using an auto align or a manual align. This helps to make up for our somewhat slow drive speed. Instead of having to travel close to the net or the cross, we can simply chose the closest checkpoint to us at the time and shoot from there.
It does not use tracking for the automatic line up. We instead use the secondary joystick to tell us where we are on the field and whether we want auto or manual. The main controller can then accept or reject the protocol.

This robot’s lift is awesome :o . And its firing rate is pretty good. Nice unique design.

We have actually only had one competition in our region so far In which lifting was unnecessary as the final score was not close. We are going to have 8 competitions between now and worlds though and I will post a few of those. Subscribe to the reveal if you want to watch full rounds later this month as we will probably not post them on the forum.

Thank you all for all of the great feedback!

I like how the unfolding allows for a really nice COG for the lift.

Very impressive! I was stunned when I saw your lift in action. Excellent job.

I loved the lift! I did see the robot tilting forwards slightly, so I’m wondering how heavy is your robot?