98548H Revamped Catafly ("Dane") Cad Release

Before my team starts tearing our robot apart, I decided to make a cad model of it to remember it by. and that since there weren’t a lot of cataflys, that I might as well release the cad.

This model was made in protobot so you’ll have to install that to view it.
It’s a little jank because there is a limit to what you can do in protobot. Anything that clips through another object was altered in real life so it was possible to build.
All lexan, pneumatics, and a few stand-off supports are missing.

If you have any questions I’ll gladly answer them.


One thing I forgot to include in the original post, The arm, axles and gears, and motor of the catapult should all be one hole up. If I find the time I might fix it in the future.


Could you post pictures of the robot if it has not been taken apart yet so that I could see where the plastic should be to add vex plates in its place?

If I may. Why do you use 2 motors on the flywheel? Presuming you drive similar to other catafly robots and you use the flywheel in auton the overfill using the cata. Why not use the second flywheel motor more effectively such as the intake or catapult? I am just curious as to how you decided on you’re distribution.

It wasn’t the smartest decision, but from what I recall it was to make sure our flywheel never overheated. We also didn’t really have a good use for an extra motor since the roller chained to our intake worked pretty well.

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Here’s a link to all of the photos I had, sadly it has already been disassembled but I took a lot of photos of it beforehand.


I like the dynamic nature of this picture



Ok, I mean whatever works works. It was just a lot different compared to other catafly robots and flywheel robots alike. Thanks for the response though!!

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