A modest proposal for worlds qualifying teams that cannot attend

I would like to offer a suggestion relevant to the numerous teams that have qualified for the world championship that will not be able to attend due to the Covid-19 virus. If the RECF could print plates for the standard vex trophies that read something like “Worlds Qualifier - Tower Takeover” and distribute these to qualifying teams. These teams almost certainly have a trophy handy to add that plate to. It would be an acknowledgement of a season accomplishment that the teams could hold on to, even if they cannot reap the benefits of actual participation in the event.


I actually love this idea!


Great idea. Hopefully Austin ISD doesn’t make this our only choice. Oh wait…

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Wait. I thought that usually requests starting with A Modest Proposal were supposed to be ironic? This actually seems like a good idea to consider.


This is a great idea, as someone with three teams that can’t attend, the kids would love this.

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Leave it to Taran to come up with a Swift reply… :grin:

In all honesty, I think the proposal is a good one.

This is a great idea. Tower takeover is my second and last year competing (started too late). I consider attending worlds an honor and worked very hard to achieve it. I did not make worlds last year, however when I finally triple qualify for worlds this year I cannot attend due to travel restrictions, which is not my fault. I’m extremely upset about the situation, since attending worlds has been my goal for the past 1.5 years. Would be nice if I can buy worlds apparel too


I think you can, here: https://store.finedesigns.com/southerngreatlakes/vex.html

It’s a tough pill to swallow, that’s for sure. I’m sure every adult involved in VEX feels for the students who are losing out on potentially once-in-a-lifetime opportunities here. I certainly do. Maybe someday you can help out as a mentor or volunteer and get to Worlds that way - it’s an exciting event even if you’re not competing.

I think the fact that Worlds hasn’t yet been cancelled outright speaks to just how hard RECF and VEX are working to try to make it happen. They clearly want to do it if there’s any possible way to do it safely. Sadly, with the news over the past 12 hours, I fear it’s very unlikely it will take place at this point, but we’ll see.


We will do something to recognize all the teams that qualified for Worlds. The harder issue is how to recognize teams in states and countries that had their qualifying events cancelled.



I love this idea. Maybe even giving teams an award saying Vex IQ World qualifier. I wouldnt even mind if they took it out of our registration fee before they refund.

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Dan - Thanks for taking the time to reply to this thread. I am glad to hear that some sort of recognition for teams may be in the works. Also, thank you and the rest of your team that has to deal with all that goes into making a decision regarding the tournament. I cannot imagine the stress that everyone must be under.


Maybe it is ironically unironic?

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We were one of those teams that had their state qualifying events cancelled last week, so this is a welcomed idea too…

What a wonderful idea… I’d purchase another package of trophies for the kids to take home with a plate that’s says worlds qualifier. (School keeps trophies). For sure purchasing worlds swag for them! Just found out today we can’t travel.

I like this idea like others have noted. I was just thinking about the participation medals that are given to all teams at worlds. If RECF already has those made(a good possibility), then IF worlds is cancelled, they could send those out along with the trophy plates. I know that would be a lot of work, but I would be willing to have our program pay the modest fee to receive those and the plates.


I would be happy to purchase something along these lines. It is a tough time for all.

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What about those that won VEX Online Challenges? VEX Online Challenge winners were announced on March 4rth. Those kids competed against others worldwide. Will they be able to get a trophy or plate that says 2020 VEX Online Challenge Winner?

Thank you

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What about those that qualify to worlds from robot skills for VEX IQ and were invited?
Thank you again

There will be an awfully many unused cubes left after the Worlds that sadly will not happen…

Could we get a special collector edition of Tower Takeover cubes signed by our favorite GDC member?


Well, if you already have those swag bags collecting dust… And maybe throw in some iron on cubes or have them available in your store so we can customize the 2020 world gear that we’re going to buy online!
On another note, it’s okay if I’m disappointed that after 3 years of coaching my elementary school son is old enough to to compete and their team won 3 trophies (EE, TW, & RS), 2 of which they beat the states middle school teams for and now he can’t go to worlds, while at the same time respecting REC’s decision to cancel for the safety of the children, right?