A problem with PROS (vscode extension)

Hello, I am new user to PROS. I followed the installation guide and got the vscode extension installed, but when I created a project, I encountered ALOT of errors. Does anybody have any possible fixes?


These are all linter errors, meaning they are only visual and will not stop your project from compiling. If you click “Integrated Terminal” in the PROS Sidebar and run the command pros build-compile-commands, most of these linter errors should go away.


I executed the command and got this

Well, that is not good… How did you install the CLI? I recommend you install it with the “Install PROS” button in the PROS sidebar. If the sidebar button is how you installed it, then there are some serious problems that I will need to look into.

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Yeah, I installed it with the Install Pros button in the sidebar.

Interesting. It is strange that the CLI worked when you created the project, but now is not working when you try to build it. I guess try doing “Uninstall PROS” and “Install PROS” to maybe fix the CLI installation. If that does not work, I will try to reproduce this issue and get back to you with a fix.

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I have done that, and it doesn’t seem like it fixed the issue.

That is very strange. From what I can tell, it looks like PROS is attempting to use a locally installed version of python instead of the one that comes packaged with the CLI. One thing you could try is to use “Uninstall PROS” in the PROS sidebar and then download and run the windows installer from here. Let me know if you continue to receive ModuleNotFoundError: no module named click, and we can try to install the specific versions of various packages that PROS needs to function.