A scoring calculator for VIQC Slapshot

Hi! One of the things my coaches used to do when a game was revealed was to make a scoring calculator spreadsheet so that we, the team’s students, could figure out where our priorities should be for the upcoming bot build. Now that I’m a coach myself, I thought I’d do the same and publish it for anyone to use.

This is a view-only version of the calculator, so if you want to change the scoring numbers and actually use the calculator, you’ll have to download that document as an xlsx file. The rest of the instructions are in the document!


Here’s a scoring calculator for VIQC Slap Shot and VRC Spin Up. I made the input cells publicly editable, but of course if someone else is using it at the same time, it won’t work very well. Feel free to use them and copy them.


I wrote an iOS app for calculating Slapshot scores if anyone on an iPhone or iPad is interested in checking it out. Feedback is welcome!


I like it. Love how you can’t over distribute 45 pucks.