about Pneumatic devices pressure

<R18> Pneumatic devices may only be charged to a maximum of 100 psi. Teams may only use a maximum of two (2) legal VEX pneumatic air reservoirs on a Robot.

Both. Nowhere in the system can the pressure be higher than 100psi, and you can only attach a pump to the reservoir anyways, so the pressure of the cylinders can only be the same or less.

Technically though if a cylinder is at 100psi and then gets compressed the pressure in it will be higher than 100psi. But that not what that rule talks about and is very unlikely.

thanks ,but the pneumatic air reservoirs max pressure is 250 psi , and the cylinder max pressure is 100 spi , we have a pressure regulator,can regulate the pressure at 100 psi. So can i charge air to 250 psi ,and regulate the pressure to 100 psi ?

No, that is not legal. The rule explicitly states:

You aren’t allowed to store any air above 100 psi, so you have to get really creative and efficiency-minded to optimize your pneumatics :slight_smile:

oh, i see ,thank u .

do u have any best idea about use pneumatics?

Well, a lot of it comes down to what problems you want to solve. Pneumatics can be used for transmissions, locks, and all sorts of other things, but remember the 30-40 actuation limit (that’s usually how many you might get on average from 100 psi). If you see a problem your robot is facing, like say something jamming somewhere, and you decide it is a big enough problem to warrant solving but not worth wasting motors, try to devise a pneumatic solution. You can configure to either “bang” or smooth motion depending on what you need, so it is really just up to your imagination :slight_smile:

very nice ,thank u

Plus I checked a label on the reservoir and it said ‘Max: 100 PSI’ or something. I think the pneumatics can handle only so much PSI before it bursts or leaks.

Maybe you have older reservoirs of something I bought mine about 6 months ago and they say max 250.

my reservoirs max pressure is 250 to ,and the Pneumatic system have pressure regulator ,i always think we can charge the air 250psi to the reservoirs and regulate the pressure 100 psi to peneumatic devise

The way the event organisers will be monitoring the pressure is by checking the pressure at the reservoir.
In fact, in some events, you might even need to pump the air in front of the officials, and all air pump devices must have the meter to show the psi in the reservoir.

hi ,i already see youre robot ,8059D yeah?

event organisers limited the pressure is too low and i don’t want to use it now ,

The event organisers or officials will limit it to 100psi… as according to the rules.

yes ,the preblem is here ,the rules say pneumatic devices may only be charged to a maximum of 100 psi. But,the reservoirs max pressure is 250psi and the devices max pressure is 100 psi,both marked on it, and the system have air pressure regulater, why we dont charge to 250psi toreservoir and regulate to 100psi to devise ?

Because something going wrong with tubing at 250 psi is much more likely and dangerous than failing at 100 psi. I’m willing to bet that the tubing is not rated for 250 psi, and I really don’t want to try it.

yes,i think so ,its dengerous , it meaning that 100 psi is entire system max pressure。 thank u guys

Keep in mind that the VEX pneumatics aren’t custom parts made by VEX, they’re SMC components that are combined to form the different kits, that’s why different components have different ratings. The pneumatic tubing on Robosource is rated to 200psi, most likely the tubing VEX has has the same rating, so that would theoretically limit the system to 200psi. But I highly doubt that every team would be able regulate the pressure such that the the cylinders never have more than 100psi, if you’ve used them they’re not very great.

Another consideration is fairness for all teams. Pumping up to 250psi is not an easy task. Most bike pumps and small compressors have no problem getting to 100psi, but for 250psi you need some much more high end equipment that the majority of teams don’t have, and if they did it’s probably not very portable.

Right,thank u,but i think limit 100 psi ,wasted space of reservoirs,ok ,that’s the way it is.