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Will the previous winners be available for students to look at as examples?

Yes, I have updated the website to show the 2019 entries. Please let me know if you cannot see it.

Where can I locate the 2019 entries on the website? I cannot seem to locate them.

Hi Y’all! Our team was wondering when voting starts on the online challnges?


How will the finalists and winners be announced and how will they find out that they are finalists or winners?

@97683555 They will be announced on this forum, and once announced, you can find the finalists and winners on the official online challenges website in each specific challenge.

I check the REC webpage and finalists of the online challenge have not been posted. Does anyone know when this is going to be posted.? REC establish that today was date to be posted 1Pm Central.


Some judges had trouble picking finalists last year. This could have happened this year as there are a lot of good entries. Everyone who submitted entries will have to be patient.

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Thanks…but its 2 hours over…can rec post it now?:tired_face:

On the website it says that finalists are posted, but I can’t find anything. Does anyone know where I can see the results?

Same with me…it says the finalists are posted but I cant find them!! Where are they? There is no list for finalist entries on the webpage someone please help mee

What will happen with a spot to the worlds if a team classify via tournament in a region and by winning an online challenge? does the spot stays in the region to select another team from the region or VEX assign the spot to another team from the waiting list?

Hi! Thank you so much for all the hard work you and the other volunteers put into the online challenges so far. I just had a question from our team about finalists for the CAD challenge. The team noticed there was only one finalist for the Vex IQ CAD design. The team was wondering if that meant that all other teams were DQed. They were also wondering if their particular submission was DQed, could they get feedback as to why they were DQed so they can make sure to correct this in the future. The submission was made from a Young middle school team and they may have misunderstood some of the rules.

Just as a side note, we are not looking for anything other than clarification/feedback so that the team can get better. They do not understand what was “wrong” with their submission and why there would only be one Vex IQ finalist in this challenge.

Thank you so much for your time and response!

That’s what we thought as well

Dont think spots are region allocated