Accessorizing your robot

I was asking this question mostly for the general knowledge and because I haven’t really seen a general thread about this on the forum.

I was wondering what VEX robotics allows in the realm of accessorizing your robot. I know having a unique team that stands out is really important, especially in Worlds, and I was wondering what non-functional and functional accessories or customization VEX considers legal to put on your robot, ie: LED lights, painting metal and polycarbonate, etc?

We had a my little pony strapped onto our robot for some time in turning point. We wrapped our excess wires around its neck and called it wire management.


Pretty much anything nonfunctional is legal.

In addition, things like anodizing metal is considered nonfunctional, and the license plates are also considered nonfuctional as well, so you could make something pretty. Also note that the definition of “functional” extends usually within a match; for example, we put blue tape Xs around screws that we were afraid were going to get loose during shipping to Worlds last year, and that was considered non-functional.