Accuracy vs speed in Slapshot

I was wondering if something like this would be not good because you cant control the shooting, you sort of have to hold it down. Do you think you would need control over the rate of fire or would you just stay in one place and empty a cartridge?


This is a design choice that roboteers will have to make while building their robot. You can empty a cartridge into one scoring zone without moving with pretty high accuracy (If this mechanism is properly tuned), but you could also take the time to guarantee every shot (Even highly tuned mechanisms still have an error margin and miss a bit-with speed). You don’t have to hold it down and empty a cartridge with this mechanism if you wanted, you could turn it as you are launching to maximize accuracy (Although the mechanism may be too fast and cause driver control issues) The biggest impact of accuracy is the disks sliding into each other and bumping themselves into the one-point zone. So speed doesn’t so much sacrifice accuracy if you are dealing with 14 disks or so. In larger mags, speed will negatively affect this more. I personally feel that launcher speed is secondary to accuracy (75% point reduction if you miss), so this mechanism might not be the best launcher for the challenge. Too much speed might be a bad thing depending on the variables I mentioned.