Add 2 more posts in the corners

I hope the game designers rethink the game and add 2 more post so each alliance can hang. It’s still possible to do. This would promote more robots to design lifts and more excitement.
Please Karthik:)

I feel like if was to happen they would have to lower the point values for hanging.

I think it is good right now actually since it adds more strategy to whether you will hang or not. Otherwise everyone would build a hanging mechanism and there would probably be quicker design convergence

I personally feel that it should be left the way that it is.
It would leave too much of a difference. It would leave too much chance in the qual rounds.

@ThunderRobotics beat me to and answer again!

It’s exciting seeing the lifts because sometimes they fail. The crowd loves lifts per the worlds anyways. We saw a 50 pointer turn into zero pts after the game ended. Heart stopping.

It’s more about the meta of the game than excitement. Adding posts to hang changes the game dynamic in the endgame in a way the GDC decided wasn’t good.

Not to mention the logistics of adding another pole to every box VEX is packing right now…

As the other posters have mentioned, I think this addition is unnecessary and would just mess up the balancing of the point values. The games are always designed to have a very high potential number of points with a well developed strategy, but changing stuff around might favor lifting more than other things.

I guess ultimately we need to focus on what’s presented before us and strategize for that, instead of wishing for an easier/harder game :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not so sure of this. I’d like to see how some of the early competitions shake out. To hang or not to hang will be a huge alliance decision since the team that does not hang needs to be great at defense because a barrage of items will probably be thrown over the fence during the last 30 seconds.

Another choice - if your alliance is not fast or good at defense but can’t hang - is whether you stay down to defend or hang.

So, can you hang from a robot that is hanging? Does this count as two hangs?

The rulebook says that only one robot can hang…

We should be able to hang with an element for more points like in Toss up. Star or a block and they would be worth different values.

That would definitely be cool.

That’s an idea I would like to see! But from a practical perspective, if you bring any spare objects off the floor and your robot is no longer touching the mat, I believe that those objects would not give any points to either alliance, which is still around a 4 point descore of the other alliance.

Basically, if time’s running out and you just need to get rid of everything while getting the lift bonus, try bringing some cubes with you for fewer points to the other alliance.

I agree Bob.

No, only one can hang

New strat based on bobtheblobs post above: hang during auto with as many objects as possible to win auto by effectively descoring the objects on your side and have your partner knock some off the fence over. Then gather the objects into your robot during the match effectively hoarding them onto your side of the field and then hang with them at the end of the match. All in all scoring around 20 or so points for your alliance but more importantly preventing the opponents from scoring points on your side of the field. What do you all think?