Adding a *new* Sensor Kit

I know this isn’t a new part per say, but it would be really convenient if VEX could add the new sensors like inertial, distance and optical sensors together in a new sensor kit. Currently, the only sensor kit available is the “Advanced Sensor Kit” which only has the older sensors. Do you guys agree?

It could even add some of the other newer sensors but that may be overly optimistic with some of the prices. VEX is already quite pricey and some teams/classrooms won’t have the resources to invest in buying every different sensor separately, especially in a class setting. As a part-time instructor and a former VRC Competitor, I think it’d be really nice if there could be a kit with some of the newer sensors to add even a slight discount if possible.


I think it is good to think about critical sensor kits. As you mention, great to get discount, but it might be good for each season to have recommendations from teams about essential gear and prioritize them. Teams have different needs, and experience…

I have a lot of unused sensors over the 10 years. MS have a wide spectrum of experience … and we have a lot of sensors on the shelves…

What would be cool is to have a video tutorial from experienced teams about the opportunities each sensor offers… and work arounds if you do not have them.


That would be nice, but the discount would be negligible, as v5 sensors are newer, thus more expensive. The reason the old sensors are cheaper is likely due to just that - they are older. Someone can simply add what they need to their cart and buy that.


I honestly appreciate the replies so far and for the most part I agree, just have some points of my own:

Now this point, yea we have the old sensors lying around too mainly cause besides the occasional encoder or limit switch, the other ones just aren’t very effective or are rather buggy, which wasn’t very reliable in a competition setting. Kind of hoping with the new sensors its different, but the rest of your reply I 100% agree with and kind of want now-

Ah that’s very true, I guess I was just comparing it to like the competition kit they have when it came to prices. I haven’t really done the math to see if there is a slight advantage financially for the competition kit, but even if there isn’t, it’d be nice to know which are “must have” sensors for teams you know? Especially since the ones I mentioned are relatively new. Although saving some money is always appreciated lol

Again I may be being too optimistic in hoping they can make a kit :sweat_smile: