Advanced Autonomous Ideas


My team finished off our consistent home row in 15 seconds today. What is the next step for coding? Is it best to get a minute skills autonomous or try and go for any of the middle goals? Has anyone been successful in getting the center goal in addition to one or two other goals in the home row? What about the goal on the side in the center, has anyone managed to get that at all in autonomous with the angle it is at.

Thanks in advance.

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In my opinion, the home row is the most important auton to master if it’s consistent. For example, in the last tournament we went to, only two of our partners in quals could score their goal during auton.

Other than that your next steps will the the middle goals in auton as well as programming skills.


Go for a mid row autonomous. From what i see when the opposing alliance doesn’t have a mid row, they split up and try to clean sweep the home row. Getting the extra row in the middle is worth more point than completely removing opponent balls in the home row. If you’re the only teams at a competition with a mid row autonomous, auton will be a huge advantage for you.


You should bear in mind that what works for one team might not work for another. So just because a team hasn’t tried something yet doesn’t mean you can’t. Also, consider that even if something does work for another team doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you (vaguely speaking)

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We’re about half a second away from getting all 4 in our remote competition auton