#AllBlackEverything theme is a meme

Okay, maybe I should’ve read more literally.

The #AllBlackEverything theme (check preferences) does exactly what it says. It makes EVERYTHING black, including all the text and icons.

Beware if you enable this theme! It took me a solid several minutes of messing around in DevTools to disable it


Lol. I tried that. Ultimate Troll.

Looks familiar… :slight_smile:

its not quite broken. what happened is DRow broke the dark theme yesterday and so he added #AllBlackEverything for the meme

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@DRow but we do see the check boxes :thinking:

If you get trapped in the tyranny of #AllBlackEverything
Open dev tools
Select the outermost #html element
And change background-color to anything else =)


Or, do not click the ‘Save Changes’ button (if you can even find it). :smile:


Or just select all the text on the page.

Dillon, I would suggest you get rid of that theme. While it may appear funny, it may not be so to all of the users, VEXIQ and old geezers like me.

To be fair, it technically is one’s own fault if they select a theme clearly indicating that everything will be all black.

With that said, I do think the joke has largely worn off now, and it probably is time to retire the #AllBlackEverything theme.

No, it is not fair to a novice user who is trying out different things for set up. It is unwelcoming.

It is unhelpful to do things like that and is not in line with a system that now brings VEXIQ into the mix.

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If it’s all black, as it was for me, how did you find the Save Changes button? I realized that, and couldn’t find the button to change it back, so I refreshed the page without saving. I think it was pretty clever to leave in, and it shouldn’t break anyone’s forum unless they are specifically trying to break it by leaving it #AllBlackEverything. Is there an autosave thing somewhere I didn’t know about/use?

I think you are correct.
However, when I first selected it, it was not broken at the time, so I thought it was just a darker dark theme that only affected the home page. I selected it and forgot about it.
The next day, when I logged in, it was completely black and broken so I had to somehow navigate back to the settings.
I think it is not a problem anymore because it breaks as soon as people select it preventing them from saving.

Oh, well I tested it after it was “fixed,” then. And, if it’s now “fixed,” then it doesn’t need to be removed, right? Everyone here (I think) is smart enough to not intentionally break their forum, or complain when they do fix it. It’s a troll-y joke. I think it’s kinda funny, what with everyone freaking out about the dark theme and everything.