Alliance Selection at VEX Worlds

For alliance selection, if you were an alliance captain, what robots would you be looking to have for your picks? I’m not asking for specific teams, but rather robot styles, like a field clearer or a full court shooter.

Well everyone who makes top ranks will be able to do full court. The biggest thing teams will want is field robots, not to say that full court won’t be an added benefit but the vast majority of high ranking teams would rather not trust you to shoot 160 points of balls and every high level match will need both robots in an alliance on the field in the beginning.

To add to that, you will also have a higher chance of being picked if you either have a lift, or are very light and easily lifted.

We thought this too, but we actually only got chosen as a second pick, by our A team (7th seed I believe) at UK Nationals, even though we were the only team with a working lift at the competition.

I believe what @TurboTech is saying is that if you are good at scoring balls and you have a lift you will have a higher chance of being picked than if you are just good at scoring balls. A lift is pretty worthless unless you are good at scoring balls

That’s exactly what i meant.
You have to be able to play field. Also, a good auto will help

I guess… Our robot only held 3 balls, but usually scored all 3 in auto. We had no intake (due to motor and size restrictions), so only fired match loads from our start tile, we missed a few. But we had a powerful drive, so we could always block teams if needed.

I also forgot to mention, after a match in the first day with a team (who ended up finishing 3rd), we scored 230 points, which was the second highest score of the day. That put us as their second pick, but they got picked by the #1 ranked team, so we didn’t get with them.

I would have to go with a robot that can do fielding fast and have accurate FC shots (speed doesn’t really matter that much as long as they don’t take a full 1:45 to shoot them.)

A lift would be nice, but I would never pick a lifter if they cannot do fielding and fc with excellence.

Ideally a fielding bot with a lift. The stronger or faster your drive is, the better.

I’d pick a 400x style robot. A versatile lift lift that lifts in under a second. Is a fast field robot that does 4 bps on the field and about 2 bps full court, both with 100% accuracy. Obviously most robots can’t accomplish all of this, so try to build a field robot with a 400x/974x/1826 type lift.

I think it would be better to have a 185A style lift, much more versatile.

The 230 was a good game and we probably would have done quite well with you too. Just the way things went in the end, sorry about that.

We’ve done a bit of a rebuild for the worlds and improved a lot, so hoping for good things. Now a more solid and faster field robot (increased intake speed) with a full field that can do the driver load in around 35-40 seconds at 90+% accuracy. We weigh about 8kg, not sure how that compares to others, but not heavy I don’t think. You did lift us didn’t you?

Just working on the finishing touches of the worlds reveal video (choosing a song).

It depends on what robot is picking for alliance selection. I think many of the all around versatile robots that field and lift will be ranked high because they have a higher chance of winning matches with the 50 point lift bonus than a fielding robot does. I would pick a super fast fielding robot because my robot is an all around and lifting robot. At worlds if the lifting robots are ranked high there will be more focus on picking fielding robots, but the high ranked non lifting robots will most definitely be picking a lifting robot for their alliance first or else they would be putting themselves immediately with a 50 point disadvantage.
And of course I think all teams would only pick the most accurate robots first that are in the 90% accuracy range

That is exactly our strategy. We figured that your type of robot would rank high, and would want a fast fielding robot to pair up with. We had debate about whether or not to elevate, but I think our choice to put the extra power on our base (8-motor drive, turbo gearing with 4-inch wheels) helped, as did it being an easier change than a ramp (which means more practice time).

EDIT: It turns out you are in our division. How fortuitous. :wink: