Alternate Controller for PIC

I’ve been messing around with X-Bee and Cortex and Finally ported a working example to the PIC platform using Robot C. There’s been some interest lately in PC to robot communication / control / status. I have been working on some variations, and wanted to share this version I got working for the PIC platform.

I configured 2 X-Bee Radios in point to Point mode :
Connected one XBee via the regulated breakout board:
I used an Arduino Mega as I really wanted extra serial ports for this project, although an UNO or other Arduino should work also
With a Joystick shield:

I used the Sparkfun Single conductor wires to connect he XBee Breakout to the PIC, it turns out for the Cortex the IME 4 wire sensor wires are perfect for the XBee breakout.

The project sends control signals from the remote to the PIC robot to drive, and Sensor Feedback from the PIC to the Control for Display. This project could be extended to allow Computer Control Or any number of interesting possibilities. I finally got the message traffic flowing fast enough it feels about as good as the VEX controller (If not as well packaged) But I got LCD!

I would like to get it working with XBee in API mode. The point to point is useful, but the idea of multiple robots working in a mesh sounds really fun.

PIC & Arduino code Attached.

Have a Lot of Fun!](SparkFun Joystick Shield Kit - DEV-09760 - SparkFun Electronics)
XBeeBinary4PIC_V1_00.c (16.2 KB) (5.46 KB)