Angular joints?

Is there an easy way to attach one part to another at a non-right angle, so I can, for example, build a ramp without bending any pieces?


You could try hinges or different angle pieces. That’s what my teams have been doing, so it might work for you too.

One thing you might find helpful is to use standoffs and shaft collars in “unconventional” ways to support straight runs of C-channel mating at angles to each other, etc. The black plastic shaft collars will also work in ways kinda similar to the steel ones you see in this thread:

You can use the threaded inserts to join them together or, as in the case of the black plastic collars, regular screws going through the collars and into the standoffs. :slight_smile:

Thanks to you both. I really like the idea of the shaft collar hinge from FullMetalMentor’s post (as much as I want to refer to him as Teddy Roosevelt :p).

Again, thanks.