Anni's Tower takeover Cad Thread *Now featuring EXPLANATIONS*

Hi Guys!

i’m no longer competing, but i’m still trying to make CAD’s of a robot that might work, just as, random ideas or explorations. I’ll try to do one every two months as I see the meta change, and I’ll log my work here. Don’t expect regular updates, but I’ll be open to questions in this thread. (or on the video itself). anyways, here’s the first build.

also: don’t affiliate this with 2381 - I’ve left the team for personal reasons.

also: If somebody wants to donate a mic to me, so I can properly voice over the videos and explain what I’m doing, my DM’s are open :slight_smile:


Nice job! I’ll be sure to follow this post closely.

Part 2 is here (taking a break from studying)!

It really is quite long, and we just redo the drive in a slightly different / nicer (imo) way. There’s a lot of me going around doing smol tedious things - scroll to the end to see the more important parts // the entire thing finished.

@jrp62 Here’s another way to do things (sorry for the multiple tags).


Nice CAD. If you want to record a voice over, you can use your phone and overlay the video on top of your phone audio, or if you have earbuds those are fine too.


also deadass I did NOT realize that my drive wouldn’t even function somebody help me please my brain is f r i e d.

anyways this video explains everything up to this point!


Really cool design and explanation. What cad library are you using?

@Boonee I’m using a combination of BNS’s CAD library found here:, as well as a custom update version (the 2016 version has a few errors) from Sid from 5776. I’ve also made a number of my own parts/assets that I use frequently.


Does this program work on Mac?

@mvas Last I checked - I don’t think so, but you can head on over to Autodesk’s website and take another look.

Update to everything:

I’ve now made a playlist, this is pretty awesome ngl. Here you’ll find everything automatically labelled “Tower Takeover CAD” from me, and I’ll occassionally go through and add in my explanations.

Also: Here’s a link to the 2018 parts library

If you’re using this library - make sure to use inventor 2019 or newer. There are some parts made in Inventor 2019 which may not work in 2018 or previous years.

here’s the BNS Parts library as well:


Aha yes part 3 where we restatr the drive AGAIN !