Announcing the VEX-IQ "READ-THE-MANUAL" Contest

Announcing the first annual VEX IQ “Read the Manual” contest, sponsored by VEX Team VIRUS (MCCC & 3547). The contest is open to all VEX-IQ (Elementary and Middle School) students, with an appropriate amount of help from parents or coaches. The prize for the winner is a VEX IQ Superkit foam organizer ($19.99 value), as manufactured by our team for sale at and
empty foam inserts

Contest Rules:

  1. Read the 2020-2021 VEX IQ Robotics Competition game manual. You can download a copy of the game manual here:

  2. Answer the 10 questions on the entry form.

  3. Return the entry form by Private Message to “kmmohn” on the VEX Forum.

  4. One entry per robotics team (for example team 123A, 123B, and 123C may each enter the contest with one entry, a total of three entries for the 123 organization).

  5. The winner will be selected by random drawing from all the entries received by midnight EST on May 6.

  6. The winning team will be contacted via private message to arrange for delivery of the prize.

Here’s the fine print:
The VEX Team VIRUS Read-the-Manual contest is sponsored by the Faculty Advisor of the MCCC VEX-U team. There is no affiliation with VEX, RECF, Monroe County Community College, or By entering the contest, you agree to accept the drawing results without contesting them when they are announced. Members of VEX Team 3547: VIRUS are not eligible to enter the contest.

Contest Entry

Team Number:_______________

  1. How many VEXIQ Smart Motors are allowed for the 2020-21?
  2. What is the starting position for the robot?
  3. Can the robot expand from the starting size once the game begins? If so, is the expansion limited or unlimited?
  4. What is the limit to the number of game objects the robot may possess?
  5. What are all the various ways to score points during Driver Control?
  6. What happens to a game element that falls out of the field?
  7. If a robot becomes disabled and removed from the field for repair during the Teamwork Challenge, what happens to any game object that was being held by the robot?
  8. Can a metal shaft be cut to a custom length?
  9. Can a plastic beam be cut to a custom length?
  10. During the Skills challenge, what happens to a game element being held by the robot if the robot is handled and returned to the starting zone.

Thanks for doing this for IQ, and not just for VRC!


I’m guessing I can post all the answers right here, and many people will not read them.

Q1=6, just like every other year, so far.

Ok, I think there’s only one other question, where the answer has never changed.

You’re probably right, but please PM your entry anyway. There’s a couple things that have changed from previous years, however VEX IQ is filled first-year teams who can’t get their head around the idea that if the manual doesn’t say something specifically, then it must not be legal. A classic I heard at a competition: “I didn’t know we were allowed to build anything but ‘flex’!”


Yes. I’ve been asked if they were allowed to modify the [stock] robot. And, also asked where the teams got the plans for the robot they used.

I feel really dumb right now, but I’m trying to submit our team’s contest entry and can’t figure out how to PM anyone here on the forums (and I couldn’t find any instructions by searching the forum)! I’ve lurked the forums for a while, but just created an account today if that has anything to do with it. Would someone please help me out?

Click on my name “kmmohn” in any thread, and press the “message” button.

I spent about 30 minutes looking for something like that before I wrote the note :frowning_face: This is what I see when I click your name and there’s no MESSAGE button or the like. image

Trust level 0 (the level that you are at) cannot send a personal message. To get to trust level 1 (the level that you can send personal messages) you need to enter 5 topics, read 30 posts, and spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts.


Thanks! I was afraid it was something like that.

I’ll PM through Facebook, if that’s ok, Mike.

I just sent you a PM with my email to send it.

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