Answered: auto adjusting prior to start of the match?

Suppose the following situation: Students place the robot on the starting position and power it on, but the match (autonomous or driving, does not matter) has not started yet. At power-on and prior to the “go” signal from the referee, the robot runs a one-time internal function (part of the initialization) to auto-adjust the object manipulation mechanism using a sensor (i.e. places it in initial position). During this time, the robot does not move and stays within the bounding box (including the height start limit). Would this be legal?

My guess is ‘yes’ because in my mind it’s only an automated version of what students typically do before the start of any game: hand-adjust the object manipulation mechanism position to their advantage, but what is the official view on that?

We apologize for the delay in answering this question. Yes, this is legal.