Answered: Autonomous positioning using motor power?

Hi Karthik!

We would like to program a couple of sensor buttons to move the drive from a known position to our autonomous starting position. It would only be available during driver control, and would be triggered prior to connecting to field control while everyone is setting up for autonomous. The robot would never leave the starting tile, and the robot would be fully disabled while in preauton. We would like to utilize this method because the code can position our robot more accurately and quickly than we can by hand.

Is this legal? I checked the game manual, however found no clarification there.


Provided no other rules are violated in the process, this is legal. You should pay careful attention to , which is quoted below for your convenience. I’ve bolded the most applicable portion.

Thanks for your reply!

One other question: would it make any difference if the code was in preauton instead of drivers, and provided there was no interaction in during autonomous? This would eliminate some lost time as our robot could be connected to field control while we position it.

Provided you haven’t violated any other rules in the process and you can complete this promptly, this should be fine. That being said, the more I hear about this the more concerned I get about how long this might take. So please, for your own team’s sake, get positioned on the field as quickly as possible!

Thanks Karthik! See you at Worlds!

You’re welcome!