Answered: Bonus tray still scorable if rings have removed prior to being dropped.

I’ve searched every discussion on the rings and definition of tray being dropped. However, I cannot determine, if rings have been knocked out of the tray while the tray is still up, can the tray then be released and counted as 20pts. In other words, can a tray with only 12 rings on it be released and scored.

If Rings have been removed from the Bonus Tray before it has been Released, then a warning or a Disqualification should be issued due to G16. This Q&A explains what teams should do if this occurs:

If the team was attempting a legal Release and the action was not strategic or intentional, then yes, this could still be scored as a Release. However, referees should issue a warning for G16 and possibly G11, depending on the action, and keep an eye out for it in future matches. Teams that receive multiple warnings may receive a disqualification at the head referee’s discretion.