Answered: Cage Bots and SG6


I read through the discussion regarding cage bots, and I have a question.

specifically this ruling link

examining this picture.

Would the cage bot be in violation of rule <SG6> because it is contacting the MG at two locations (sides?) with a convex surface? In this case the corner of a rectangle.

or would <G13> supersede?

or do we er on the side of the offensive bot, via this directive.

I will need to inform my refs for my upcoming tournament.

Please see this similar Q&A post, the posts that it links to, and the Q&A Summary document for more information on this type of interaction.

The robot that is encompassing the red Mobile Goal in your picture does not appear to be in violation of rule <SG6>.

<G13> and <G12> would not apply to the hypothetical snapshot shown in the picture, since there appears to be no violation and no interaction taking place.

Hopefully this answers your question - if not, please feel free to rephrase and resubmit.