Answered: Clarification

In my past regional the judges were not allowing robots to play defense on other robots. In other words they did not even let you touch the opposing alliance because if not you would be disqualified. I was just wondering if it is allowed to play defense because I know it has been allowed since the beginning of Vex history. For example push a robot out of the way if they are blocking your path to your through or if they are covering their trough to push them so you could descore their sacks.

I believe they are getting confused with G6 which states:

<G6> Drivers and Coaches are prohibited from making intentional contact with any Scoring Object, Field Element or Robots during a Match, with the exception of the contact specified in <SG4>, <SG5> and <SG6>. Any intentional contact will result in a Disqualification.

Please clarify and thank you.

Both of the strategies that you have described are legal, expected and encouraged, as long as no other VEX Sack Attack Rules are violated in the process.

Ok thank you Karthik!!

You’re welcome!

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