Answered: Definition of starting tile plane

Hello Karthik,
So I apologize in advance if you have already answered this question. I tried looking both on here and in the manual but never got my question fully answered so I am looking here for further clarification. What I would like to know is, what is considered the “plane” for the autonomous? Does it continue on infinitely over the square or is it the literal tile?

For a more specific example, we were at a tournament recently and one of the opposing alliance partners had an autonomous that did a few things. It then went forward due to an error and ended up hitting our teams back autonomous robot which had just returned to its tile. The initial robot ended up having its intakes completely over our tile but it’s wheels were not touching. Would this result in a disablement and a disqualification of the autonomous?

We have no hard feelings about this but I would just like a ruling on this for the future.


The plane refers to the vertical infinite projection of the outermost edges of the Alliance Starting Tile.

This is an example of a Robot breaking the plane of their opponent’s Alliance Starting Tile. The Robot should have been Disabled, and the Autonomous Bonus should have been awarded to the opposing Alliance. There should never be a Disqualification issued for a violation of <SG6>

OK great thanks for that.

Sorry yeah my bad. I was referring to the autonomous being awarded to the other team when I said disqualified.

Anyways, thanks for that Karthik. Enjoy the rest of your day!

You’re welcome, and I will!

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