Answered: DESIGN Award at World Championships

I have a few questions about the presentations that teams will be doing for the DESIGN Award:

  1. Our team signed up in advance for certain time(s) to present. The documentation of this award says, “Each team that signs up for an interview time will receive a notification confirming their interview time …”. We haven’t received this notification. Will there be a place we can go to find out what our time slot is?

  2. Approximately how many judges will we present to?

  3. Will the judges come to the pits for the presentations, or will the teams travel to a specific site to present to the judges?

  4. In some of the documentation for this award, it talks about a presentation. In other places it talks about an interview. We are currently working on a ten minute presentation. Is this what is expected? Should we expect that we can give this presentation straight through, or should we expect to be interrupted at different points with questions from the judges? We just want to understand exactly how this part of the process works.

Thank you,

Irv Kalb

Team 3129, the Green MacHHHHine

I have an answer for you from the Guru Of Awards at the World Championship:

Thank you very much for your quick and precise answers.