Answered: Do all rings in a stack of rings on top of single point scoring line count?

RULES CLARIFICATION: Do all of the rings in a stack of rings sitting on top of the single point scoring line count or just the bottom one?

In the latest contest we attended a perfectly stacked set of three rings was pushed such that it was dead center over the single point scoring line on the edge of the field. The judge only gave one point out of three however, stating that the rings had to actually touch the line to be scored and the rings stacked on top were not touching the line, even though they were on directly top of the ring which was sitting on the line. My rules clarification question is, do rings stacked on top of rings that are on top of the scoring line count for points?

Let’s take a look at the definition of Scored:

A Ring is Scored if it is not touching a Robot and meets one of the following criteria:
1. The Ring is contacting the Floor Goal

  1. Any part of a Post is within the volume defined by the outer edges of the Ring (i.e. part of the
    Ring is encircling or surrounding the Post).

and the definition of Floor Goal:

Floor Goal – The section of the Floor bounded by the inner edges of the field perimeter and the black line which runs the entire length of the field and passes under the support structures of the Posts. The black line is part of the Floor Goal.

The Floor Goal is only defined as the Floor itself, and is not a 3-dimensional volume. Thus, if a stack of Rings were placed on the black line, only the bottom one would count for points.