Answered: Driver Control Loads storage

Would it be legal for a team to bring their own container or device to the field to store driver control loads before they are loaded onto the robot? I ask because as the season goes on and teams are able to shoot their driver control loads from the loading zone faster and faster, it will become inconvenient to have to pull the driver control loads out of a bag, especially in skills. Thanks

This question will be answered after the scheduled June 15th VRC Nothing But Net Game Manual Update. We appreciate your patience.

No, this is not legal. On June 15th we updated the Nothing But Manual with the following new rule.

As such bringing your own container and/or device would be illegal.

Could this rule be reconsidered? I ask because I’ve been testing some launchers with firing rates well in excess of 2 balls per second, and at this rate it becomes almost impossible to reliably get balls out of the bag fast enough, even with two people loading. Just putting the balls into a cardboard box before loading makes this much easier. I know that boxes are allowed if they are provided for all teams at an event, but I don’t think that will be very common because of the extra hassle for event partners and low demand from most of the teams.

At events with raised fields, it will be necessary to have a third team member holding the bag while the other two load, eliminating the possibility of an adult coach. If teams could bring a cart or similar item to the field to set the bag on, or if tournaments with raised fields were required to provide them, this would be very helpful for smaller teams that can’t have 3 student members per team at every tournament.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Thanks for taking the time to ask the question with detailed rationale. However, there will be no changes to this rule.