Answered: G6 how do you define "promptly"

<G6> During the qualification rounds, the red Alliance has the right to place its Robots on the field last.
During the elimination rounds, the higher seeded Alliance has the right to place its Robots on the field
last. Once a team has placed its Robot on the field, its position cannot be readjusted prior to the match.
Robots must be placed on the field promptly. A Team that violates this rule will have its robots randomly repositioned by the referees.

What is considered a reasonable time to place and position a robot? There are several questions on here where you indicated the use of alignment tools are allowed. At a recent tournament, it was made clear that if a robot was not placed and ready to go in 10 seconds, it would be removed and counted as a no show. In once case, a team was given 30 seconds (red alliance) and was told that the next time, after 10 seconds they would be removed.

This does not sound reasonable or even the correct remedy. Can you give some guidance as to what “promptly” was intended to mean?

We intentionally did not define promptly to give referees and tournament organizers some flexibility in enforcing this rule. We expect tournament organizers to give teams enough time to properly set up their robots and get them ready to play a match. We also expect teams to set their robots up in enough time that they do not cause the event to fall behind schedule and that they are not delaying their fellow teams.

I understand the intent. I guess I am wondering if 10 seconds is enough time for the blue alliance to get their robots set and then the red alliance to get their robot set? That really does not sound reasonable.

Additionally, it would appear that pulling the robot and listing it as a no-show is not the proper remedy. Random re-position would be the proper remedy is what seems the rule is stating. Is that a correct understanding?

Sorry I didn’t address this the first time around. We obviously can’t make blanket rulings on situations without knowing the entire scenario, however I tend to agree, 10 seconds does not seem like enough time to set your Robot on the field, get it positioned, load a Preload, and plug in your VEXnet Joysticks.

You are correct, <G6> calls for a random repositioning for a Team who is not “prompt”.