Answered: How much autonomy is allowed for the Driver Skill and Team Alliance matches?

We’re looking for “official guidance” as to how much [semi-]autonomous control we can implement for the driver skills and team alliance matches. And even if it’s not explicitly forbidden/illegal in the rules, is there an expected spirit/purpose for each of the 3 competition types? (e.g. For the driver’s skill match, is the spirit of the competition about evaluating a driver’s hand-eye proficiency or is every competition really about autonomy, except that the driver’s skill allows the user to supplement their autonomy, or lack of, with driver in-the-loop control?)

There are no restrictions on the amount of autonomous or semi-autonomous control used during Driver Skills and Teamwork Challenge Matches. It is not uncommon for teams to supplement their driver’s natural ability with helpful semi-autonomous tools, like “drive straight” or “move mechanism to a predefined position”.