Answered: "in violation of the spirit of this rule and will fail inspection"

This rule is different from the rest of the rules in section 4 of the manual. It says that a robot with pneumatic tubing as air storage is* in violation of the spirit of the rule and will fail inspection*, but doesn’t actually say that it is an illegal robot. That means it doesn’t allow for disqualifications under <R2d>, instead relying on any team who adds tubing to their robot to present it for reinspection.

My question is, is a robot that uses cylinders and additional pneumatic tubing for no purpose other than additional storage an illegal robot?

Sorry to be so picky, but teams do look for loopholes and I think this qualifies as one.

(By the way, are the Vex U rules likely to be released today? :D)

<R18> clearly states that robots who violate this rule will fail inspection. As such, it is implied that violating this rule is illegal. Note that no other rule explicitly states that a violation of the rule is illegal, yet it is understood. Please resist the urge to now go and ask this same question for the other 21 robot rules.

We appreciate and understand that teams are trying to comb through these rules to try and gain any sort of advantage. However, please use some common sense before asking a question in this forum.