Answered: Number of drivers present to run programming skills

Clarification on how to run programming skills for Ringmaster.
​When only 1 person is present does the team get 35 seconds or the full minute?
​When 2 people are present, does “driver 1” push the button (or Touch LED) on the brain to start the program and position the robot, but after 35 seconds “driver 2” pushes the program button or touch LED and positions the robot?
​I understand that the team can try as many times within the minute, any rings in the robot will be taken out of the game.

Only one student team member is necessary for the Programming Skills Challenge - to begin the program by pressing a button on the Robot Brain or by manually activating a sensor. If two students are in attendance, there is no requirement for the second student to press a second button or activate a sensor at the 35 second mark.

<G5> refers to Drivers, and the following quote from the “Robot Skills Challenge Format” of the manual specifically refers to Driving Skills Matches.

There will be two drivers for a Driving Skills Match. Drivers must switch their controller with
between thirty-five (:35) and twenty-five (:25) seconds remaining in the Driving Skills Match. If
a team only has one Driver, that Student may only operate the Robot for a maximum of
thirty-five (35) seconds.