Answered: Plexiglass Allowance

I had a question regarding rule R7f…
It states that teams may use polycarbonate up to 0.07" thick as cut from a 12"x24" sheet.
If a team were to use a 12" by 12" square of 0.07" thick polycarbonate as well as a 12" by 12" square of 0.035" polycarbonate, would this be legal… obviously the total amount is still within the 12"x24" limit, and the thicknesses would both be legal, but we weren’t sure if the “cut from a single sheet” requirement could be waived in this case.
Our intent would be to use different thicknesses for different parts of the robot, not to try and use more polycarbonate than the rule intends.
Thanks for your time,
Team 224

Yes, this is legal. However please remember, that the rule allows for use of polycarbonate, not Plexiglas.