Answered: [Q Set 5] Definition of Scored

Hi Karthik,

As questioned in this post, it seems that oftentimes in a typically scored 30 inch goal, the corners of some barrels on their sides completely below the level of the top of the goal protrude out of the cylindrical projecting of the outermost circular ring of the goal.

I understand that by the definition of “scored”, these scoring objects should not count as scored. However, generally, common sense would dictate that referees would not decide to not count these objects unless there was egregious “stuffing” activity of an over-capacity goal. Generally referees at regional tournaments do not check.

  1. Will referees be carefully checking every single goal for objects that by chance have some protrusion outside of the goal and therefore do not score points, or will they use their own discretion on when to check?

Thank you,


The referees will evaluate all Scored objects carefully, and will pay extra attention at their own discretion.

Thanks Karthik! Sounds good, I know the refs at worlds will be pretty fair in their rulings. It’d just be crazy to have close eliminations rounds at worlds decided by whether or not luck was on the side of each alliance’s high goal filling.

You’re welcome!