Answered: Question regarding SG11

What happened in the competition is there are two opposing robots camp around the Climbing Zone(As shown in attachment), in the last 30 secs, when the red robot want to go to climbing zone to get high elevated, two blue robots block the red robot and red robot contacted with two blue robots(trying to get into the climbing zone). I have two question:

  1. Are the two robots legal to stop the opposing robot from going into the climbing zone(as stated in the rule only the robot that is FULLY in the climbing zone and TOUCHING another robot in the climbing zone is protected, but in this case the red robot cant go into the climbing zone therefore cant touch another alliance robot), if not legal, what are the results for against it?
  2. Is the red robot legal to push the two blue robots away(if it has enough power) when it got blocked? (the blue robots just stay around the climbing zone and trying to stop the red robot)

Robots are allowed to block Robots from entering their Climbing Zone. However once a Robot enters its own Climbing Zone, it is now protected from contact from the opposing Robot (provided there are less than thirty seconds left in the match).

Yes, this is legal.